Below are the end of year financial statements for the Open Stories Foundation.

Our annual tax filings can be found here.

Notes about John Dehlin’s Compensation: From 2011 to mid-summer 2018, John Dehlin was compensated a fixed amount for his work as a podcaster, OSF Executive Director, and organizing/leading workshops and retreats, etc.  As an example, John did not receive any additional compensation for the ~25 workshops and retreats that he led between 2014 and mid-2018.  The residual income from these events was used to hire additional OSF staff.

As of mid-summer 2018, the OSF Board voted unanimously to compensate John separately for each category of contribution to the OSF: 1) as Mormon Stories Podcast host, 2) as OSF staff member, and 3) as leader of OSF-related workshops and retreats.  Consequently, John was paid separately for his podcast, for his staff role, and for his participation in the following workshops/retreats: Park City 2018, Houston 2018, Idaho Falls 2018, Portland 2018.

As a result of these changes, the OSF board has disclosed that total anticipated compensation for John in 2018 will be around $200,000.  The OSF board is currently deliberating about compensation levels for John and other OSF podcasters beyond 2018.  Going forward, the events portion of John’s OSF compensation will go away, as the OSF has decided to discontinue organizing these events.

Our accounting firm:

G. Ryan Bell, CPA MTax – Manager at Allred Jackson

(Updated 11/14/2018)